Foot Fetishes
Foot Fetishes Foot Fetishes
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Madison Luv is a lovely ebony hoochie with a great sized rack. Her sassy girlfriend Jezabelle Lusciouss is packing pint sized titties, but that doesn't mean that the pair of them aren't going to be one incredible act to watch. They start off by playing with each other's thick booties - they are jiggling and bouncing all over. The foot play comes a little bit later. For you foot fetish lovers, I don't have to tell you how rare it is to have a black dyke foot fetish episode, so this is truly an unique and enjoyable porno.


Dena Caly and Victoria Allure are both beautiful dark lesbos, and they both share a thing for feet. They fucking love playing with soles and toes, so this girl on girl foot action is sure to give you an instant boner. I don't know about you, but seeing these chocolate sistas going at it makes me just want to bang them right there and then. Instead I have to sit here with a painfully stiff cock, watching at their hands trace up and down the most perfect black feet that I think I have ever seen in my life.


Raven and Angel Eyes are the hottest pair of amateur ebony carpet munchers that I've seen in quite a long time. They both have these wonderfully perfect boobs that just makes me want to get myself all worked up over them, along with long legs in fishnets. They start on licking and playing with each other, but soon they progress to the foot fetish side of things. Their perfect feet rub up against each other, and they love to suck on each other's toes and play with their legs. Now this is a dyke foot fetish scene to remember.


Candace Von and Alexis Silver are two of the hottest dark lesbos that I think I have seen in a long time, and they also have a major foot fetish. They are both wearing stockings, and Alexis has on these high boots that will make you want to just fuck the hell out of her. They start off with the foot fetish right away, although they do end up playing with each other's cooters and really enjoying themselves. They are moaning and groaning louder and louder with every second, and their cooters are dripping dripping.


Nyomi Knoxx and Misty Stone are not just lesbos - they are black lesbos with a foot fetish that will wow you in an instant. They are both wearing fishnets, but they also happen to have on some vicious high heels and boots. They are both natural boob lesbos as well, which adds yet another kink to this incredibly kinky porno. I also love the way they explore each other's bodies. The real hot part comes further in after the toys - they end up getting all sorts of barefoot dyke foot fetish into the action.


Coco and Lacey have a secret that they want to share to the world through this episode. And that's how much they love the taste of a luscious ebony beauty's juicy wet twat. No wonder why they immediately go to work on pleasing each other, stripping one another bare and diving in, as well as paying close attention to their sexy feet. You'll see them kiss and rub them all over their bodies before pushing them inside their juicy pussies, stopping only to lick the ejaculate off of their toes. To finish the job, they use dildos to fuck the hell out of their holes and make them scream out in ecstasy as they ejaculate over and over again.


Black dykes AND foot fetish - it sounds like a combination almost too good to be true. These innocent carpet munchers love to show off their chocolate skin and lusty attitudes, and they also love playing with each other's feet. Angel Eyes and Sydnee Capri keep it pretty standard throughout most of this chocolate lesbian video, but at the end they add in the foot fetish. There are feet being played with, fishnets galore, and even a toeing of those slick cunts. Now that is quality ebony lesbo foot fetish action.

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