Foot Fetishes
Foot Fetishes Foot Fetishes

Nyomi Knoxx and Misty Stone are not just lesbians - they are black lesbos with a foot fetish that will wow you in an instant. They are both wearing fishnets, but they also happen to have on some vicious high heels and boots. They are both natural boob dykes as well, which adds yet another kink to this incredibly kinky porno. I also love the way they explore each other's bodies. The real hot part comes further in after the toys - they end up getting all sorts of barefoot dyke foot fetish into the action.


Coco and Lacey have a secret that they require to share to the world through this movie. And that's how much they love the taste of a sweet dark beauty's juicy juicy fuckhole. No wonder why they immediately go to work on pleasing each other, stripping one another bare and diving in, as well as paying close attention to their sexy feet. You'll see them kiss and rub them all over their bodies before pushing them inside their wet pussies, stopping only to lick the cum off of their toes. To finish the job, they use dildos to fuck the hell out of their holes and make them scream out in ecstasy as they ejaculate over and over again.


Ebony lesbos AND foot fetish - it sounds like a combination almost too good to be true. These cute lesbians love to show off their chocolate skin and lusty attitudes, and they also love playing with each other's feet. Angel Eyes and Sydnee Capri keep it pretty standard throughout most of this chocolate carpet muncher clip, but at the end they add in the foot fetish. There are feet being played with, fishnets galore, and even a toeing of those slick slits. Now that is quality dark carpet muncher foot fetish action.


Kaleah and Lacey Duvalle are not your typical dykes - first off, they are dark skinned Nubian goddesses who make me want to jizz just seeing them. Secondly, they love putting foot fetish into their kinky play. Now I don't know about you, but I never ever see lesbo foot fetish in porn, especially not when you have dark on dark dykes. They come out with fishnets and underwear as well, so that will probably flip your swap to begin with. Once you think you've seen it all, they pull out the foot fetish and everything just heats up.


Candice can't keep her hands off of Nyomi here, and I think Nyomi requires a lick of those enormous tits that she has! It's not the only thing she wants to lick though, because after feasting on her tasty nipples, she's going to make it to her feet and her cunt! Candice has the same thing in mind, licking her nipples and then burying her face in between Nyomi's legs, lapping up her juices. Nyomi licks hers as well to make her moan, and then bangs her with a rubber cock to get her off. Candice takes another toy and bangs her pussy from behind. In the end, they both get off by probing each other's snatches with their gorgeous feet, cumming loudly.


Donna Red and Stacie Lane are a lovely pair of kinky ebony lesbians - and they want to show off something that you barely ever see. That's right, they are all about ebony foot fetish. This pair love to admire each other's ebony feet, working their delicate fingers up and down the toes and soles, blowing on every last bit of that foot. Now that's what I just love to see - and then it gets even better. They move away from the foot fetish a little bit to break out some strap ons - black dyke strap on sex is where it's at.


Sandi and Tamara require us to take our meatsticks out and enjoy the view of these two hot ebony carpet munchers going at it, licking from head to toe, but especially the toe part! Sandi goes right after Tamara's feet, kissing and caressing them, and then licking the arches and mouthing on her toes. After that loving foot bath, she moves up to her dripping wet fuckhole, sliding her tongue in and out of her hole, and between her pussy lips around her clit. She fucks her juicy snatch with a fake cock, and then Tamara goes to work on her body, licking her feet and then fucking her own fuckhole. There's nothing but beautiful dark girls here and tons of loud orgasms!


These two workers at the sex shop were bored as hell, with no customer coming in for hours. But what else would you do when you're Olivia and Lacey, two hot black babes wearing next to nothing, and bored out of their minds? Well kiss and lick each other's feet, of course! She hops on the counter and feeds her every toe, which she gently licks and kisses. She spreads her legs and does the same to her twat, eating it to her delight. Her reward is that she gets some toys tested out on her, with her cooche being banged by a jack rabbit before giving the same. They both get to kiss each other's feet, and I think they found a new love!


Dark babes, smoking, foot fetish - this episode has it all! If you like the black girls than you will really dig this clip, as five gorgeous divas get it on in a filthy lesbo fetish orgy, the likes of which you've never seen before! Each model gets a turn in the spotlight, being the center of attention as the other girls clamour around her and show off her body, grabbing her tits, booty and snatch. There is plenty of generic fuckhole licking and touching, all very high-quality, and also dirty fetish stuff like a foot mouthing, toe licking, and sexy cigarette smoking. By the end of the scene the babes are all trying to be the star!


America and Beauty Dior are the type of ebony carpet munchers that will really wow you with their beauty - especially when they start to show off their luscious cooters. They work their fingers in deep, working their lips nice and wide. They are loving those chocolate beavers, and they especially love smacking each other's booties. They love working those booties together, although the real fun comes when they want to indulge in their foot fetish side. Then they end up playing with their feet and toes, really enjoying the black dyke fun.